POS Fixed

After a bunch of headaches with glitchy operating systems and paranoid sysops, I finally got the Moon Harvester up and running and am producing a steady supply of Carbon Polymers. I have a new Ship Maintenance Array and a couple some production arrays for small ships and ammo(mostly mining crystals). Moved the Rorqual and my Hulk miners back from 5-0. Hmm…. Am I forgetting anything?

Well I guess that is enough of an update for now. Time to get back to my New Years celebration (sitting around all by my lonesome in deep space like always) Guess at least I have time to do some gas cloud harvesting in the Class 3 wormhole that has opened up in my system. Not very profitable but its something to do.

Moon Harvesting Headaches

moon goo

Managed to get a couple more Silos anchored at the POS tonight. Sent Con Del to fetch a second Harvester to feed the silos. Reactor is online. OK then should have some production going soon… If I can figure out why the control systems are not actually letting me set up the links between the structures. This production stuff is a pain to a miner like me as it is without things going haywire on me. I could just mine the moon for raw materials but the value of such raw materials is too low to be profitable. So what does it hurt to set up some automated reactors to process the raw materials into something more profitable? It hurt my head because the machinery refuses to function. I am ready to send a subspace comm to the scam artist that sold me this defective junk.

Clone Vats

clonevatAfter a bumpy ride through the wormholes managed to find a route from 5-0 to  the low sec system of Eifer in the Hiemater region. The gate to Empire space was camped by an Amarrian Apoc battleship piloted by a capsuleer bent on smashing anything that invaded “his system”. Thankfully I am an experienced cloaky pilot and was able to slip past him into Empire Space. 2 jumps later I was in Hek solar system where I was able to acquire some much needed skill  packages to download into my implants. Most notably was the Clone Vat Operation skill set that will allow my to operate the Clone Vat installation I had installed in the Rorqual capital industrial ship back in 5-0. a mad dash back through the holes to home base in 5-0 and last minute checks of the Clone Vat assembly to make sure the techs at the station installed it correctly.

Soon I should be able to invite friends of mine to install a jump clone in the Rorqual so that when needed they can transfer their consciousnesses to one of my waiting Exhumer class Hulk mining barges. The additional skilled pilots in my fleet should prove quite profitable for both the pilots and myself.

This is a goal I have wanted to achieve for years.


So I finally made it to the broken wormhole system of Thera. Interesting place. Like the wild west. At the moment the Gallente militia seems to have the system under control. That is not too surprising since there is factional warfare occurring near the wormhole leading to Thera.

However if you think being a Gallente citizen will keep you safe, you have another thing coming. In the short time between when I found the wormhole leading to Thera and the time I finally safely docked at one of the 4 stations setup in Thera, I managed to get shot at quite a bit. Only the performance of my covert ops Helios and my experience in flying in null sec space kept me alive to do a little sight seeing.

I don’t see being able to make a profitable existence in Thera unless I can be part of the current ruling group of capsuleers. However I expect that to change almost with the time zones. I will give it a few hours to do observations and additional sight seeing as well as getting some pics of the devastation left behind in Thera from the Sleeper experiments. i don’t know what the Sleepers were working on but it did not go well.

For now I am heading to the gallery to get some rations and see how moral of the crew is doing during this very stress filled trip. They have been doing an excellent job of keeping the ship running smoothly. I may have to allow them to break out some stores of liquor as a reward once we can safely hide the ship.

Mining Fleet

multiboxer bot fleet

I am exploring the wormholes looking for the rumored Thera system when I run into this mining fleet owned by Memory Alpha. 2 dozen Procurer barges, an Orca industrial command ship and an Obelisk freighter in the ice belt of Uchomida in the Black Rise region. This pilot is obviously slaving all these ships together with contraband software because all the ships are jet canning at the same time, the cans are all picked up at the same time. I am so tempted to report his arse to the authorities. I work hard to maintain my small mining fleet legally but this guy pisses all over my efforts. If I can’t do it, he should not be allowed to either!

Time to say goodbye


Today is the day we say goodbye to Liliana. So far I am holding together but as my thoughts drift to the memorial service about to begin the harder it is to stay focused enough to be the rock I need to be. I know my main purpose need to be as a strong support for John and Maria. While it breaks my heart to know the pain that they are going through, I must hold together for them.

I have admitted that my pain is not the same and the pain is not as bad for me. No one can truly understand the pain of losing a child except those who have lost one as well. I have been fortunate enough to have never had a loss like this myself. My children mean the world to me and when one of them is in hurting then I hurt as well.

I didn’t get to spend much time with Lili but I can’t get her beautiful face out of my mind. I see those big curious eyes looking intently at me trying to figure out the world she suddenly became a part of. She gave me a chance to see the world all anew from the innocent and naive eyes of a child. As an amateur scientist and astrophysicist I enjoyed learning things about our world that people didn’t not see. The eyes of a child see things that others do not. Those eyes are not blinded by expectation or anticipation. They see the world untainted and fresh. This can be disorientating but it is also liberating. It may leave one with a million questions but seeking the answers to those questions gives one a reason and purpose. Without questions to solve discoveries can not be made and advancements can not be accomplished. Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Who has a better imagination than a child who has a whole universe to learn about. That is powerful. and I have Lili to thank for giving me that gift of seeing the world from her eyes.

RIP Liliana Jean Donaldson

Born: 26 November 2014

Deceased: 28 December 2014

We love you Lili.