Another day done

So I got the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Gear watch. So far I love both. I have had some minor problems with both devices but I don’t expect any different from such new devices. But for the most part both work well and I am quickly learning what  they can do and not do (though the list of what can not be done

is much shorte

r than the list of what can be done).



You get pissed off when my kids are rude to you but you forget that you are the reason why their father was in jail for something he didn’t do. Of course they are going to be rude to you.

There are only two women that have been in my life that they respected and loved, the one that gave them life and the one I should not have chased off because I was an asshole.

Sore losers

Swift Vows to Take Case to Supreme Court – December 10, 2013

Swift asked the Ninth Circuit to stay its decision requiring the District Judge to determine if the drivers are employees or contractors. Swift claims it will be filing a “petition for certiorari” with the Supreme Court asking it to reverse the Ninth Circuit. The Ninth Circuit agreed to stay its decision – but only for 90 days, giving Swift time to make another stay motion to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court does not stay the case while it considers whether or not to take the case, the current stay will expire and the case will proceed. This stay application is not surprising, since Swift has shown it will do anything it can to avoid or delay having the Court hear the drivers case. We will know soon whether the Supreme Court will decide to stay the decision while it decides whether to hear the case.