Market Run


When running your freighter to market, always use a gun boat escort. It not only helps discourage unwanted attention but by using webs on the freighter it actually speeds the trip up significantly by causing the freighter to almost instantly jump to warp instead of the usual 30 minutes of aligning and accelerating.


New Moon Mining Station


For those of you interested, here is a screenshot of my Moon Mining station I have setup of the test server. 1.7 billion ISK worth of minerals just got blown out of my moon! That is phenomenal. That could definitely make setting up one on the regular server worth the trouble and expense.  I am still testing everything out but I had to show this off.

POS Fixed

After a bunch of headaches with glitchy operating systems and paranoid sysops, I finally got the Moon Harvester up and running and am producing a steady supply of Carbon Polymers. I have a new Ship Maintenance Array and a couple some production arrays for small ships and ammo(mostly mining crystals). Moved the Rorqual and my Hulk miners back from 5-0. Hmm…. Am I forgetting anything?

Well I guess that is enough of an update for now. Time to get back to my New Years celebration (sitting around all by my lonesome in deep space like always) Guess at least I have time to do some gas cloud harvesting in the Class 3 wormhole that has opened up in my system. Not very profitable but its something to do.

Moon Harvesting Headaches

moon goo

Managed to get a couple more Silos anchored at the POS tonight. Sent Con Del to fetch a second Harvester to feed the silos. Reactor is online. OK then should have some production going soon… If I can figure out why the control systems are not actually letting me set up the links between the structures. This production stuff is a pain to a miner like me as it is without things going haywire on me. I could just mine the moon for raw materials but the value of such raw materials is too low to be profitable. So what does it hurt to set up some automated reactors to process the raw materials into something more profitable? It hurt my head because the machinery refuses to function. I am ready to send a subspace comm to the scam artist that sold me this defective junk.