Average cost per driver mile increases

A study done shows that the average cost for a company to run a truck is up to $1.68/mile. According to other studies the average freight rate is $2.01/mile. That is a difference of $0.33/mile of profit.

Swift claims to only make $0.017/mile(1.7¢/mile) in profit. Hmm… Can you say bullshit on Swift?

I get paid about $1.347/mile (93.5¢/mile mileage + 41.2¢/mile Fuel Surcharge). Wow… Really Swift? I don’t know how much Target pays but I know they pay well. If they pay average that means Swift makes $0.663/mile ($1,989/week) off me. Razor thin margins you say? Again I call bullshit. Times like this I think about my brother’s offer to join him on the dark side and get my cookies from Schneider.


Helpful tips



Laugh all you want rookies. These babies are sweet to have in a dark dock in the middle of the night… Lol
(OK this one wasn’t so dark but still makes it easy to hit that one in one shot…)
When I started out I used to grab my bottle of window cleaner out of the door and set it down beside my drive tire before I pulled out the empty trailer. That gave me a nice easy to see target to live up with while backing. The same trick is good for many other backing scenarios.

Fucked up pay package

So apparently Swift has decided to give us drivers more… About 6 inches more… Sideways…

Introducing mileage rate increases of 10¢/mile! (and fuel surcharge cuts of 20¢/mile)

Come on really?!?! You think we are that retarded? I will be paying the spreadsheets of how bad this is tomorrow. This gives me to much of a headache to contribute thinking about it anymore tonight. (and they wonder why I drink…)


Lights on… Bloody mess…

Not pleasant flipping on the light thinking, “wow… Why the sudden running nose?…” and finding out there is blood all over the place.

On the plus side, my headache is suddenly manageable. On the negative side… O-negative side… Lol sorry bad joke… On the negative side I got blood all over some of my white towels. Hopefully tomorrow I will get more meds.