Average cost per driver mile increases

A study done shows that the average cost for a company to run a truck is up to $1.68/mile. According to other studies the average freight rate is $2.01/mile. That is a difference of $0.33/mile of profit.

Swift claims to only make $0.017/mile(1.7¢/mile) in profit. Hmm… Can you say bullshit on Swift?

I get paid about $1.347/mile (93.5¢/mile mileage + 41.2¢/mile Fuel Surcharge). Wow… Really Swift? I don’t know how much Target pays but I know they pay well. If they pay average that means Swift makes $0.663/mile ($1,989/week) off me. Razor thin margins you say? Again I call bullshit. Times like this I think about my brother’s offer to join him on the dark side and get my cookies from Schneider.


Fuel discounts

They have been getting rebates and discounts for years. I never saw a penny of it. Only reason I’m seeing it now is Pilot pissed in their Fruit Loops. Even with that 5¢ Love’s is still 9¢ cheaper.

You think we can’t see what you been doing to us?! It used to be a mantra from DM’s that is o/o’s followed the fuel route recommendations that we would see those rebates and discounts. Not one penny!! Bastards kept it all!

(steps down from soap box)