New pad

Well I finally did it. I found a place to live. It is a decent sized 2 bedroom apartment on the second floor in the quiet little town of Greencastle.

The apartment is close and convenient to much. Only about 8 minutes from work and only 17 minutes from my “Don’t slap the bitch” classes. 5 minutes to the truckstop. 30 minutes from the kids. 15 minutes to 2 major towns.

My parole officer will be so happy now that I have a place to get mail and that he can inspect.

On the good side the apartment is completely empty so inspection should be easy. No beer, no pot, no couch and no bed. Hopefully he doesn’t pay attention to the Tavern right in front of it close enough to stumble home afterwards. But the food is good and not expensive. I’m sure he won’t believe it when I say I wouldn’t, shouldn’t and can’t drink. But it won’t be in the apartment.

On the bad side the landlord had no idea where the key to the mail box is so I can’t check it.

A couple of friends have offered to help me move my stuff in when I can afford a moving truck to haul the stuff. Wish I could just steal a trailer again but there isn’t enough room at the storage unit.