So I am sitting here in Jonestown at our terminal. I was told to show up here to take a random drug screen. I hate coming here. Most of the older drivers call this terminal Fort Knox cause they don’t like to let you leave when your stay is done. Oh well. Let them give me a cup to pee in. I have nothing to hide. The only drugs I have been on are my blood pressure meds, my anti crazy pills and lots of cough syrup. In this line of work I don’t see how anyone could think they can get away with doing drugs. This was supposed to be a surprise last second order to show up here but in this industry and on a dedicated account like I work, surprises just aren’t good for business. So I was told about it Friday and told to act surprised Monday morning when I reported to pee in a cup. Works for me. Not like you can get cleaned up in a couple days like that anyway. The biggest pain is just being here at this terminal with nothing to do and no facilities ( worth using) just feeling like you are on lock down and far from home, not that I have a home at the moment but still. Oh well let’s just get this over with and get back to money making.


When the door across the hall opens

Recently a friend wrote about how some doors once closed should be nailed shut for ones own good. Well as I was in the metaphorical hallway resting my back against the figurative  door that lead to a recently ended relationship, the door across the way that had been closed for over a decade blasted its way open with a post on Facebook of all places. Apparently my 1st ex wife publically stated that she is still in love with her ex, which I believe it safe to assume that means me. I expected all kinds of fallout from such an admission but as yet have not heard anything. a couple people did notice the post including Michelle Huffman, Connie Kitts and Stacey Franks. Connie was surprised enough to message me and ask if I had seen what my ex had posted. I was like no and knowing her and with the unexpected message asking me if I knew, it could not be good for me. I still don’t know how to respond to the matter and have chosen so far to remain silent and pretend ignorance to the posting. If confronted with it I have no clue how to handle it yet. I don’t see there being a way to reconsile our marriage. Too much has happened, too many secrets, too many lies, too many affairs.