When the door across the hall opens

Recently a friend wrote about how some doors once closed should be nailed shut for ones own good. Well as I was in the metaphorical hallway resting my back against the figurative  door that lead to a recently ended relationship, the door across the way that had been closed for over a decade blasted its way open with a post on Facebook of all places. Apparently my 1st ex wife publically stated that she is still in love with her ex, which I believe it safe to assume that means me. I expected all kinds of fallout from such an admission but as yet have not heard anything. a couple people did notice the post including Michelle Huffman, Connie Kitts and Stacey Franks. Connie was surprised enough to message me and ask if I had seen what my ex had posted. I was like no and knowing her and with the unexpected message asking me if I knew, it could not be good for me. I still don’t know how to respond to the matter and have chosen so far to remain silent and pretend ignorance to the posting. If confronted with it I have no clue how to handle it yet. I don’t see there being a way to reconsile our marriage. Too much has happened, too many secrets, too many lies, too many affairs.


Toasted stereo

Gees… I was trying to surprise my roommate /boss lady by hooking her TV into her home theater and adding Bluetooth capabilities so she could stream the mp3’s on her iPhone to the stereo receiver. Unfortunately something went wrong. I had to rearrange the power wires on the surge protector so there would be room to plug in the transformer to the Bluetooth receiver. When all the plugs were in place I went to power everything up… And the home theater receiver did nothing. I tried reseating the connections with no luck. Apparently her $200 1000watt JVC TH-C30 home theater unit is dead. Damn my luck. I told her I would replace it


When I looked around on the Internet I was not able to find anyone that still sells that system. I ended up looking for something in the price range at Best Buy. I found a Sony system   that is actually far superior for only slightly more money. So when I can I guess that is what I will get her. All in all I guess it could have been much worse. That JVC really wasn’t that high end and a comparably priced contemporary unit will be far better and if course not very expensive at all.