So I finally made it to the broken wormhole system of Thera. Interesting place. Like the wild west. At the moment the Gallente militia seems to have the system under control. That is not too surprising since there is factional warfare occurring near the wormhole leading to Thera.

However if you think being a Gallente citizen will keep you safe, you have another thing coming. In the short time between when I found the wormhole leading to Thera and the time I finally safely docked at one of the 4 stations setup in Thera, I managed to get shot at quite a bit. Only the performance of my covert ops Helios and my experience in flying in null sec space kept me alive to do a little sight seeing.

I don’t see being able to make a profitable existence in Thera unless I can be part of the current ruling group of capsuleers. However I expect that to change almost with the time zones. I will give it a few hours to do observations and additional sight seeing as well as getting some pics of the devastation left behind in Thera from the Sleeper experiments. i don’t know what the Sleepers were working on but it did not go well.

For now I am heading to the gallery to get some rations and see how moral of the crew is doing during this very stress filled trip. They have been doing an excellent job of keeping the ship running smoothly. I may have to allow them to break out some stores of liquor as a reward once we can safely hide the ship.


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