Clone Vats

clonevatAfter a bumpy ride through the wormholes managed to find a route from 5-0 to  the low sec system of Eifer in the Hiemater region. The gate to Empire space was camped by an Amarrian Apoc battleship piloted by a capsuleer bent on smashing anything that invaded “his system”. Thankfully I am an experienced cloaky pilot and was able to slip past him into Empire Space. 2 jumps later I was in Hek solar system where I was able to acquire some much needed skill  packages to download into my implants. Most notably was the Clone Vat Operation skill set that will allow my to operate the Clone Vat installation I had installed in the Rorqual capital industrial ship back in 5-0. a mad dash back through the holes to home base in 5-0 and last minute checks of the Clone Vat assembly to make sure the techs at the station installed it correctly.

Soon I should be able to invite friends of mine to install a jump clone in the Rorqual so that when needed they can transfer their consciousnesses to one of my waiting Exhumer class Hulk mining barges. The additional skilled pilots in my fleet should prove quite profitable for both the pilots and myself.

This is a goal I have wanted to achieve for years.


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