A night with her

Even though it was only a few hours, I had a wonderful time with the woman I love. She came to see me!

Even though we only watched TV, the chance to cuddle with the woman I love meant the world to me. She has always been able to show me new things that I would otherwise have never enjoyed

Even though she isn’t ready to call me her boyfriend once again, I know I am the only one simply because she said so and I trust the woman I love. She never gave me a reason to doubt her and I hope someday she sees that she never had to doubt me again. I’ve had a lot of time to think and realize what really matters to me.

Even though she isn’t in love with me, I am very much in love with her and know she loves me. I will continue to try to make her proud of my changes and try to earn her full love once again.

Even though I let her down in the past, I hope my actions and  not my words can show her that I can be the man she fell in love with but not the man that broke her heart because of my stupid mistakes. Equals. Communicating. Being open and honest. Realizing a team has no weakness or disability because the halves can complete the weakness both have and not just one and become a whole of strength.

I love you baby and I want to be with you the rest of my life.


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