You get pissed off when my kids are rude to you but you forget that you are the reason why their father was in jail for something he didn’t do. Of course they are going to be rude to you.

There are only two women that have been in my life that they respected and loved, the one that gave them life and the one I should not have chased off because I was an asshole.


So I am sitting here in Jonestown at our terminal. I was told to show up here to take a random drug screen. I hate coming here. Most of the older drivers call this terminal Fort Knox cause they don’t like to let you leave when your stay is done. Oh well. Let them give me a cup to pee in. I have nothing to hide. The only drugs I have been on are my blood pressure meds, my anti crazy pills and lots of cough syrup. In this line of work I don’t see how anyone could think they can get away with doing drugs. This was supposed to be a surprise last second order to show up here but in this industry and on a dedicated account like I work, surprises just aren’t good for business. So I was told about it Friday and told to act surprised Monday morning when I reported to pee in a cup. Works for me. Not like you can get cleaned up in a couple days like that anyway. The biggest pain is just being here at this terminal with nothing to do and no facilities ( worth using) just feeling like you are on lock down and far from home, not that I have a home at the moment but still. Oh well let’s just get this over with and get back to money making.


Pro#IN05236 cut 11:30 Del 16:30
Target 2446 Hackettstown, NJ
loaded 172 empty 204

Typographical, Pa
Loaded 271 empty 130

Pro#IN05226 cut 23:00 del 00:30
Target 2202 mechanicsburg,Pa
Loaded 42 empty 172

Arrive 0589 @11:15 VI, D&H
Depart 0589 @11:45 & drive 179 miles 4:00hrs
Arrive 2446 @15:45 D&H
Depart 2446 @16:15 & drive 105 miles 2:15hrs
Arrive p&g @18:30 D&H, break
Depart p&g @19:15 & drive 198 miles 4:00hrs
Arrive 0589 @23:15 D&H
Depart 0589 @23:45 & drive 50 miles 1:00hrs
Arrive 2202 @00:45 D&H
Depart 2202 @01:15 & drive 48 miles 1:00hrs
Arrive 0589 @02:15

580 miles
89 gallons
12:15hrs driving
13:45hrs on duty
PTA 10/16 @ 12:15 with 11:00hrs

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CFS driver tries to take my hood off



Damn CFS driver from Cherry Hill,  NJ tried to take my hood off by passing on the shoulder a bunch of cars that were on the entrance ramp just to cut me off and slam on his brakes. I was sure I was going to hit him but thankfully I didn’t. But got nice video of it from the dash cam and pics of his truck from the time lapse. Doubt his safety department gives a shot if they even have one but I am going to report this nonsense.

Asshat Lane change video

Should have edited down the video to the pass in question. Sorry.

Sleepy Waynesboro


I’ve almost enjoyed my little vacation in this sleepy little town but OMG I can’t wait till I can get the frak out of here! I spent almost 6 weeks in jail and now almost 2 more weeks stuck here. I have been through an emotional roller-coaster ride the entire time. One minute I’m getting out… Oops No YOUR NOT!… Oh wait maybe you w… NOPE! Oh your truck is waiting… Your terminated! OK you got that fixed?… Too bad you’re still FIRED!… Oh OK we didn’t see…. Sike sucker you almost had hope! Sigh…

Not to mention… We maybe I should not talk about my feelings about a certain woman that I miss…  Heavy sigh…

Anyway we are back to, “You might have a chance to get your truck and job back… Maybe…”

Wish me luck and pray I don’t have another heart attack. That scared the shit out of me for sure even if no one else give a damn.