Retention bonus

April 10, 2017
Dear Swift Owner/Operator Driver,
We are pleased to announce a special “Capacity Retention Bonus” being offered to Swift Owner/Operator
Drivers in recognition of your service, contributions, and commitment to the success of Swift
Transportation. As announced today, this Capacity Retention Bonus is offered as part of the
establishment of common ownership of Swift and Knight Transportation.
Those eligible will include all Swift Independent Contractors with Independent Contractor Operating
Agreements (ICOA’s) effective as of, May 1, 2017, and who are still under contract and working at the
close of the common ownership transaction, anticipated to be in 3-4 months.
Owner/Operators will receive a $250 fuel credit for Owner/Operators who are still under contract during
this transaction period, beginning May 1st, through closing, in approximately 3-4 months. The fuel credit
will be paid approximately two weeks after the close date of the common ownership transaction between
Knight and Swift, in approximately 3-4 months.
We recognize and appreciate your contributions to our company. You play a critical role in the success of
Swift Transportation.
If you have any questions, please speak directly to Terminal Leadership or the Rapid Response team.
Thank you!
Richard Stocking


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