O/O FAQ letter

What was announced?
Swift Transportation and Knight Transportation have entered an agreement to operate under common
ownership. The Swift holding company will be renamed Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc., and the
common ownership structure will enable both companies to share best practices, while running the
businesses independently and maintaining separate brands. There is no immediate impact in how we do
business and we will continue working toward building our brand and realizing our vision.
Richard Stocking and Ginnie Henkels have chosen to pursue other opportunities following the close of the
transaction though will stay on until then to ensure a seamless transition. Once the transaction is
completed, which we expect to occur in the third quarter of 2017, the combined company will be led by
Dave Jackson as CEO and by Adam Miller as CFO, with. Kevin Knight serving as the Executive
Chairman. Knight’s Executive Chairman, Kevin Knight, will assume the role of President of Swift (which
will operate as a subsidiary of the combined company post-closing) and. Knight’s President and CEO,
Dave Jackson, will remain President of Knight (which will also operate as a subsidiary of the combined
company post-closing.
How long will all of this take?
We anticipate the transaction will be complete in the third quarter of 2017.
Will this affect my Independent Contractor Operating Agreement (i.e., “ICOA”) with Swift?
Your ICOA will remain the same.
Will there be an incentive to stay?
Yes. As outlined in the Independent Contractor Capacity Incentive Letter, eligible Owner/Operators will
receive a $250 fuel credit. Owner/Operators will be eligible if you are under contract by May 1st, 2017 and
remain under contract through the close of transaction, anticipated to be 3-4
months. The incentive will be awarded approximately two weeks after the close date of the transaction.
Will my Driver Leader change?
No. There will be no change to Fleet Leadership.  You will continue to work with your Swift Driver Leader,
your terminal/on-site team and all the support departments within Swift.

Will Swift Independent Contractors have access to Knight terminals and vice versa?
Swift Independent Contractors will only access Swift terminals and support departments and
Knight Independent Contractors will only access Knight service centers.
How will freight distribution be different? Will Swift Independent Contractors pick up Knight loads
and vice versa?
As both companies will continue to operate independently there will be no combining or mingling of
freight.  Swift Independent Contractors will only pick up and haul freight for Swift customers and
Knight Independent Contractors will only pick up and haul freight for Knight customers.
Will both companies share equipment?
Swift and Knight will continue to operate all equipment separately.
What do I do if I am contacted by other Independent Contractors?
If you receive any questions from other Independent Contractors, please refer them to the press release
on our website or have them email communications@swifttrans.com.
Where can I go for more information?
For the sake of open communication and transparency, Richard Stocking and Ginnie Henkels invite all of
you to a Company-wide conference call, this afternoon, at 4:30 PM (ET)/1:30 PM (PT). The call-in number
is (844) 236-5642, in the U.S., and (562) 508-4617, outside the U.S. The event passcode is 4785913.
To maximize efficiency, Richard will address the organization and then answer your pre-submitted
questions. Please submit all questions in the form of an email to AskRichard@swifttrans.com, prior to
3:00 PM (ET)/12:00 PM (PT), today.


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