I apologize if my words are insufficient or convey the wrong intentions. I have been trying hard to come up with the words to express…

The loss Maria Taylor and John Donaldson have suffered is without a doubt one of the worst that a parent can have to live through. As a father I feel your pain even if I can only imagine it and I freely admit that my imagination can not come anywhere close to how you must feel. I will never forget my beautiful grand-daughter for as long as I live. Her time with us was short but her impact on our lives will last a lifetime.

The light in her eyes as she quiet studied and explored her new world brought joy to my heart. She was curious and I think she would have gone far.

Without a doubt she would have been proud to have the both of you as her parents. The love you gave her was evident to any that  bothered to look.

You have my sympathies and support. I thank you for the gift of having had the chance to know Lili. I will always love her and you.


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