What speak you?


This may offend some but bear me out… And if you still disagree you can suck it cause this is Murica and I am entitled to my opinion…

If you are an American company hiring a driver for domestic duty… (he said doodie… Sorry I digress) and you have to advertise in Spanish because no one that understands English will work for you, then you are part of the problem.

If you are a driver that can not understand the language of the country you are driving in, then you are a hazard.

Now comes the balance… I am not spouting the typical anti foreigner word vomit. I am not against Hispanics. I am Spanish myself. If you can not understand Spanish, you should not drive in Mexico. If you can not understand English, you should not drive in America. If you can not understand French, you should not drive in Quebec…. Ontario is fine, they think they are American anyway… I have driven in all three countries and yes I can understand all three languages, though to be fair Quebec speaks French like people from Louisiana speak English but I’m from West Virginia so I will not throw stones… Lol

(steps down from the soap box)


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